Wylene Benson's Daily GPS

Master the One Tool You Need to Live in
Your Divine Destiny Every Day

With this masterclass, you get a downloadable starter kit for Wylene Benson's Daily GPS, a full instructional video on how to do your Daily GPS, as well as the masterclass where you'll learn advanced techniques for unlocking your true potential and living it every day! 

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Hosted by Wylene Benson, Transformational Coach, Christ Follower, and Founder of Wylene Benson's Daily GPS and the Architecture of Life.

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Wylene Benson's Daily GPS



When you attend this training, you will:

Enjoy the Confidence...

...Of knowing that you are doing exactly what God would have you do.

Avoid the Distractions...

...that try to take you off your God-given path of purpose.

Grow in Your Ability...

...to invite prosperity into your life - through your path of purpose!


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You'll also get these valuable resources FREE:

Daily GPS Planner Starter Pack

Start finding your inspired shortcuts right away! With this master planner starter pack, you'll have a week's worth of journal pages to live more accurately and more completely within your God-given Life Purpose. And if you choose to get the monthly planner, you'll have pages to use right away...even while you wait for your monthly planner to arrive!

Daily GPS Video User Guide

In this beginner's video, you'll get the instructions you need to begin. Although you won't learn everything that you really need to know in this starter video, you'll discover the fundamentals that will help you begin getting the most out of every day as you pursue your purpose and passions! 

Meet Wylene, Your Guide to a Life of Divinely Inspired Purpose!

Wylene is a bestselling author and transformational coach who specializes in guiding people to finding their life’s purpose and following a step-by-step system for the simplest and most efficient shortcut to achievement and fulfillment. Wylene’s new book The Seven Gateways to Integrity in Life and Business teaches one critical habit that empowers you to navigate the Seven Gateways that are a necessary initiation into taking charge of your life and career while staying true to your Highest Source of guidance.


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Melissa Ott, Coach

“Wow. I really had a breakthrough with this one. I see where I need to be better at asking for the instructions.”

Krystal Meldrum

"Daily GPS is so wonderful!  I have spent years reading the scriptures and getting just small flecks of gold for hours of study. The Daily GPS has increased the gold to joyful chunks. It combines goal setting with scriptures to create a personal liahona that is reachable, touchable and life-changing!"

Tammy Feland

“I have felt amazing energy and an opening that I have never experienced before. It naturally allows me to be open to receive and ask for things in alignment with God.”