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“Anyone can create a life that spontaneously increases. God made this earth to perpetuate life. We see it in nature. All matter is responsive to God’s original command to multiply and replenish. When we partner with God and create the life He wants for us, it is His voice, His will, His power…not our own…that commands all things to work together for good.”                                                                              -Wylene Benson

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About Wylene

Best Selling Author and Life Creation Coach

Wylene Benson's first book The Seven Gateways – Your Map to Integrity in Life and Business is your guide to the seven principles that are necessary to becoming one with our Savior, and qualifying for His grace as we imperfectly navigate our life and career path of growth and achievement of our life’s purpose.  This book was inspired by Wylene's health journey from having a heart attack due to the stress of living an uninspiring life, to living in her power and finding her godly path. The trademarked processes that Wylene develops are designed to bring you into alignment with the full measure that you were created for. 

Wylene is a 2-time best-selling author and and podcaster. She served two years as a life skills course facilitator within the local jail system, inspiring countless numbers to life-altering change. Wylene is a Master Break Free Coach and is extremely gifted in hearing the message behind the words to get at the root of the problem, empowering individuals who choose to align their lives with solid Christian principles and the highest Truth, to find and magnify the passion within their own hearts for the most fulfilling and successful life possible.

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Wylene's Clear Message and Path

You are a diamond in the rough.  Just like a lump of coal that became a rough diamond through tremendous pressure and heat, you have felt the pressures of the world and are now ready to have the Master refine you into a priceless masterpiece.

The truth is you are at a very vulnerable place right now.  You need help rising above the pressures of the world to allow God to shape and craft you into the gifted genius He knows you to be.

I am very aware of countless mentors who could promise to be the one you need. You have to sift through all the messages and offers to find the one that feels right.

That is why I decided to lay it all out for you right here and now.  A clear-cut message, with a clear-cut offer and pricing, a clear-cut path, so you can make a clear-cut decision.

No hidden fees or endless higher priced programs using fast acting bonuses, limited time offers to get you to act now. 

No NLP methods to manipulate your emotional state so you believe you are feeling a prompting from on high to buy.

I know there are certain people who God has put within my stewardship and I have faith that the Holy Spirit is present with me and with you, to confirm your next step and that what you are feeling is real.


Seven Gateways Course

Discover your path to integrity in life and business through this interactive, transformational online course.

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Master the skill of getting inspired and living in your power through simple, transformational lessons that keep you in constant flow with God's divine guidance and support.

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Tune in each week to the Get Inspired and Live in Your Power Podcast, where Wylene interviews 6 -7 figure Christian entrepreneurs who took action on their inspiration to build their best life yet.

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