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“Wylene Benson’s book The Seven Gateways – Your Map to Integrity in Life and Business is your guide to the seven principles that are necessary to becoming one with our Savior, and qualifying for His grace as we imperfectly navigate our life and career path of growth and achievement of our life’s purpose.”

Wylene is a 2-time best-selling author and is currently planning the second in a book series called Gateways to God. She served two years as a life skills course facilitator within the local jail system, inspiring countless numbers to life-altering change. Wylene is a Master Breakthrough Coach and is extremely gifted in hearing the message behind the words to get at the root of the problem, empowering individuals who choose to align their lives with solid Christian principles and the highest Truth, to find and magnify the passion within their own hearts for the most simple, fulfilling and successful life possible.

She’s here to help you

Wylene’s newest inspiration gives a Divine perspective on the power to create.

The world’s doctrine teaches that we manifest material things by thinking them into existence. If you can sufficiently focus on what you want, you will have it. The world’s method leaves God out of the equation. Wylene has discovered that partnering with God is the easiest way to have the life you were meant to live. We cannot figure out what we want, because we can’t see from God’s perspective…until we become one with Him. When our mind and will are aligned with His, all things work together for good. The inspired goals we set are not something we come up with in our minds. When we partner with God, our intentions and actions help us build the life He planned for us. And what He wants for us is the most simple, natural, and fulfilling existence imaginable.

Her Approach & Values

When you work closely with Wylene, you will have regular live sessions with her, plus recorded content and daily accountability. She is your personal guide to becoming a Life Creation Architect and creating the amazing life that God so deeply desires for you! When you work with Wylene personally, you can expect exponential growth and transformation.

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