AI Meets HI

First, I DID NOT use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool to help me create this post.


I have nothing against saving time and energy…I love the new ai tools to help me share a message in a way that can easily be communicated so that most people can relate.  




I remarkably advocate for unleashing the human spirit through the power of an individual-inspired message…which cannot be mimicked by a robot.


AI alone recycles existing content that has been scrubbed and sanitized to be the least triggering and offensive. As I have mentioned, this is excellent when you want to open the doors for new people to hear you.


We have heard marketing experts teach that a pattern interrupt is suitable. Polarizing occasionally can help your ideal audience find you. Taking a stand for something sets you apart from the bland world of the same thinking.  


You need not just speak the same thing others say to capture attention. Instead, you need to tell your message in your way.


Without independent thought, there is no inspiration. We cannot rise above our current state without sharing and consuming new ideas and perspectives.


HI (Human Intelligence) repurposes current knowledge and adds a "therefore, what?..." at the end of the sentence.


AI would say, "The sky is blue."

HI would say, "The sky is blue…therefore, what?"


Human Intelligence is living and growing all the time…or it can be if we don't rely solely on artificial intelligence tools to do our thinking for us.


When a mind is lifted above the current status quo, not only does that person benefit, but because that person is now interacting with the world in a new state of consciousness, the world benefits…including AI, because that new thought was added to the database.


It is widely claimed that in 1899 the head of the U.S. Patent Office sent his resignation to President McKinley, urging the office's closing because "everything that could be invented has been invented."


Suppose we see AI as the primary means of communicating. In that case, we are essentially saying the mysteries of God have all been solved, we are now using 100% of our brain power, and everyone who ever had an important message to share has already shared it. There are no unique and individual ways of comprehending.


Like all amazing discoveries, including AI tools, independent thought was necessary to create them.


Unleash the power of your voice and embrace the inspired resources available at your fingertips to share it with the world!

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