Find Your Business Bottleneck

I paid someone over a year ago to rebrand my website. Then without notice, that company disappeared off the face of the planet. I couldn't get anyone to answer my calls, texts, or emails; their website even showed an error message. Worse, my website offers an error message now too.


I had nothing! I finally got someone to help me get the website back up. I was thrilled! The website that came back up was our first early iteration over a year ago. All the work of the past year was lost! 


No worries, we at least had somewhere to begin. Since I didn't know if I could trust this company to be there tomorrow, I contacted a new website hosting company and negotiated a price to take the first iteration and just begin from there. They didn't have time to take on the project, but two days ago, they had time, guessed it...the website was showing an error message again. It is non-existent. Back to square one…AGAIN!


I know this is causing a bottleneck in my business flow because a potential new client contacted me that day and told me my website was down. She had booked a call and immediately went to check out my website. What kind of opinion must she form about me and my business before meeting me?  


It's also causing a bottleneck and taking a toll on my inner peace and abundance mindset.


Of course, I can go through the company I contacted. But now, we are starting from scratch. Build a website; I know it will be the better part of a month, plus thousands of dollars more than just moving the website. That's if they do have time to fit me in immediately. And I need this done NOW!


Every day I ask in my morning meditation (I call it Daily GPS - Gratitude, Prayer and Scripture for my INSPIRED SHORTCUT that takes me to a quantum space where all things work together for good. Today was to take matters into my own hands and get a freakin' website up, even if it is rudimentary. 


It's causing pain for my clients and, therefore, my cash flow. I cannot market freely because there is this nagging, gut-wrenching thought…yikes…what if they go to my website? 


I'm not a fantastic tech person, but I have built a website on a free platform. I can do something to alleviate this pain.


A couple more bottlenecks in my business right now are causing me pain and my clients as well. And now is the time to unstopper them and let the flow begin again. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. It may not look as polished and pristine as an expert could do, but I can be ok with a C+ average until it's time for an upgrade.


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