The Greatest Determining Factor of Your Business Value is Your Perception of Yourself

I just returned from a retreat designed to break through your limiting beliefs. Amazing transformational experience and I took away a new perspective on JUDGMENT.

One woman vulnerably shared that she and her husband had left the religion that the more significant part of their family, friends, and geographical community subscribes to. They were feeling judged by their choice. In her breakthrough experience, she realized the heaviness she felt was not because she was being judged by others...she couldn't know that for certain. The heaviness was because she worried about being judged. As a result, she was the one judging others for judging her.

Because of this woman's openness, another couple volunteered that they were afraid of being judged for the color of their skin. Interestingly enough, in this group of about 45 individuals they were the only ones in attendance of their ethnic heritage.

And beautifully, another woman came to the front of the space, believing that others were judging her for her weight. The company's brand that put on the retreat is excellent health, wealth, connection, and personal power. So as you can imagine, most people in the group are on a healthy journey to look and feel at the top of their game physically.

In all cases, when the group was polled, there was little or no judgment happening toward these individuals...yet they feared it and felt it acutely.

The feeling of judgment came from within. And as a result, their decision toward others was more pronounced than any judgment that might be coming toward them from others.

We are what we perceive. There is no absolute TRUTH but what we see in ourselves and others. To be successful, essentially, all it takes is to see ourselves as successful.

I recently was invited, as an advisor, into a planning session where a business consultant had been hired to come into the organization and try to narrow down the niche and offerings of the company.

I heard from a trusted source that the consultant had been paid $1 Million for his services.

Sitting in the masterminding session, I kept thinking, "I can do what he is doing. All I need is a whiteboard."

I saw his process and could have stood up there and asked the questions he asked to come to the conclusion he came to. And I could have presented it more succinctly.

Now, I don't want to say I know everything he knows. I do not know what he is doing behind the scenes, and I have no idea what he committed to for that $1 Million.

I know that I have not, up to this point, asked for $1 Million when a business invites me in to help them build their Life Creation Blueprint.

It all boils down to my perceived value....the value I see in myself (my perception and judgment of me), which then helps to foster the value others see in me (their perception and assessment of me).


Get on a call with me to learn more about what it takes to Unlock Your Divine Potential.

Get on a call with me to learn more about what it takes to Unlock Your Divine Potential.