What to do in January for Guaranteed Success in 2023

January is a unique month. It is the transition between celebrating and getting back to work. It is the one month of the year when people collectively allow themselves to dream more significantly than at any other time. But, unfortunately, nothing has happened yet to give us evidence that our goals are doomed to failure. So we desire big, have high hopes, and pluck up the courage to share our goals at our best.


The reality is that January is like any other month. We still have to take the kids to school, we still have the mortgage to pay, and we still have the same habits. We can set big goals, but nothing changes to ensure they will be completed. So by January 8th, we have resigned to having roughly the same results as the year before.


If you allow January to be what January is supposed to be, you will have a much better chance of launching new growth in money and health and making a difference in your corner of the world.


January is pretty blah.  Nothing is happening that we can tell except that everything is cold, dry, and dull.  There are no holidays to look forward to. Everyone is back to work after the holidays and those unfinished projects from the previous year are the focus.


That is reality!  So why mess with reality?


Think of nature…January seems to be just a continuation of winter and nothing more. But what is happening underneath the surface?  Beneath the ground, the bulbs that will grow in spring are lying dormant, awaiting the warmth that will thaw the ground. The trees are hoping for extra cold days to snap the sap underneath the bark so that fall will have a bountiful harvest of fruit.  The mountains wish for snow, providing abundant water for the streams that will hydrate the plants and animals and feed the valleys with vital water.


January is the month to gestate. Let your ideas and goals organically sit. If we try to implement immediately, we usually fail because this time of year is about rest and gathering wisdom.


Some tasks that are appropriate for January and that fit the natural flow that God set up with the seasons are:

  • But first, find what is not working and make some new decisions
    • You may have a different team or a different environment.  You may even have a new job.  Maybe you dump a toxic business or personal relationship or hire a mentor to help you improve from the inside; Perhaps you hire a VA to not have so many distractions from your genius.
    • The point is to change something to effect change. So if you are setting bigger goals, January is the month to prepare yourself to be successful. So that when you put those vast goals, you will be a different person with different habits and circumstances.
  • Don't worry about succeeding at implementation just yet. It's not logically time for those hibernating seeds to grow yet.
    • Give yourself a break. Even though December is full of celebrations and hopefully some time off from work, it’s still extremely busy.  January is a hibernation month. The bears are still sleeping; allow yourself to flow with nature. Rest and restore, and prepare for months when it is time to work on those goals.
    • Most people try to take their ideas into full flower immediately. That urge to make it work now is why most people fail at their New Year's Resolutions. Now is the time to dream and allow yourself to grow into a dream. Do some mindset work, and clear some clutter, but don’t implement just yet. It may be that the goal changes as you progress internally.  


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