Is it Karma or Cause and Effect

As a mentor, my income has been somewhat haphazard. A couple days ago I realized that it totally makes sense!  My haphazard income coincides with haphazard activity!


I tend to get more clients when I am launching a program or event.  I am really good at watching my social media comments and likes, posting regularly, etc. when that is happening because I want everyone to attend the event or accept my offer.


Is this karma or just natural cause and effect?



Truth be told, if I am being totally honest with myself, those in-between times when I’m not launching something, I tend to get distracted with creative work that takes up a lot of the time I could actively be pursuing new business.


So the effect of haphazard income is from the cause of haphazard activity that produces consistent income results.


I would be willing to bet that the mentors and coaches who keep consistency the whole year, rather than just when they are launching something, are the ones who have consistent income.


So if it is cause and effect, can we cause what we want?


I hope and believe that the answer is YES!  



But before we jump on that, let me enlighten a blind spot that many people have, so you don’t make the same mistake that I have made and I have noticed almost all my clients have made at some point in their lives.


I often ask my clients what ways they give their value away in order to get something in return.  Some answers I get are that at work or in relationships they overgive, hoping to receive approval, love or acceptance in return. Totally trying to manipulate the dice of the universe to fall in our favor. 


There is nothing wrong with going the extra mile, but I’m talking about putting yourself out in ways that actually deplete you. Like driving 2 hours round trip to the airport in the middle of the night to pick up a co-worker instead of allowing the company credit card to pay for an Uber. (Been There, Done That)


There are a lot of problems that happen when we get stuck in this pattern of overgiving and hoping for good karma. Here are a few that may not be completely obvious to the person who is trapped in the pattern of manipulating karmic debt:

  1. The other person or your boss are not guaranteed to act a certain way just because you did something nice for them. So you are disappointed and blame them for all the extra time and effort you had to put in.
  2. We wear ourselves out in well-doing and end up causing karmic debt that can never be naturally and authentically reciprocated. The relationship usually ends with you feeling mistreated and the other person feeling like you expect too much from them.
  3. Worse…we now don’t trust the laws of cause and effect because it didn’t work for us. We move on from the experience with the decision that we are unloved and unappreciated and that we can’t do anything about it. Therefore, we will never have what we need.


It’s like we believe so much in our ability to manipulate karma, we are willing to sacrifice our own happiness in the moment to get something good in return.


Sacrifice is a whole other subject and I won’t go down that rabbit hole here. Sacrifice is godly, but it doesn’t mean pain and suffering.  And it definitely doesn’t mean choosing to sacrifice in order to get a particular outcome…Another subject for another time.


Karma is very closely intertwined with cause and effect. It is the relationship between our end results and our thoughts and actions that create those results. Now, tell me, if the thought is that you are trying to cheat by manipulating the outcome, what will your karmic result  likely be? Raise your hand if you want karma that feels like you were cheated or manipulated?


An action begins with a thought.  If the thought is to manipulate, then the action will not be natural and authentic.  It will be contrived and come with an unnatural, and usually unwanted result.



So what is the answer?


Consistent Authentic Actions That Bring Joy in the Doing.  There is no manipulation or expectation, you give and you RECEIVE BECAUSE, AND AS, YOU ARE GIVING!


  • Don’t know yourself well enough to know what brings you joy?
  • Never really tried authentic giving with no expectation?
  • Wouldn’t know how to handle it if you have good things happen for no reason?


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 It’s time to UNLOCK YOUR GODLY POWER so you can stop manipulating and start manifesting a life of consistent good karma, because your daily actions cause the effect of a great life of balance and happy outcomes.

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