Conquer Your Fears and Learn How to Get Back On Top Again!

I can trace my success back to a Pivot Point Person.

A decade ago, I lived every day in fear...
*Fear of missing out
*Fear of not enough
*Fear of not living up to my potential
*Fear of letting others down

That stress of fear caused a traumatic moment in the form of a heart attack.

I allowed myself to get pushed to the point of shutdown. I didn't give up, but my body did.

A wonderful mentor who helped me dig out and get back on top again came into my life.

I have had the privilege of being a Pivot Point Person for a half-dozen people.

I recently interviewed Derek Law for a future episode on my Get Inspired and Live in Your Power podcast.

Derek shared with me in the interview that I was his Pivot Point Person.

While I was mentoring him, he got the courage to quit his job. The day he gave his notice, he immediately went to fear and left the office to sit in his car and breathe.

We happened to have a call scheduled at that precise moment, and our conversation was the pivot point that helped him stay true to the new life he wanted to create for himself and his family.

A few years later, he lives his dream; he owns several businesses and even helps others become serial entrepreneurs and grow multiple companies simultaneously.

In a recent conversation with Derek, he shared with me that one of his secrets to success is that he interjects chaos to encourage growth in the leaders of his businesses...

He said there is no growth in 'order,' only in 'chaos'...

He is so right. When we have order, we maintain it; when we have chaos, we do everything we can to find order again...

When our life is in chaos, we find ways to make more money, get more time, start an exercise program, eat healthier, give more time and energy to our relationships, etc.

He also told me he only interjects the chaos he believes the person can handle. In other words, he pushes the person but not to the point of shutdown.

My clients constantly tell me there was a moment when everything changed, and I was there. I was there, Pivot Point Person.

My goal for my clients is to get them independent of me. It may not be this year, and it may not be the next, but eventually, their exponential financial and personal success can be traced back to that one pivot point with me.

I recommend you find your Pivot Point Person BEFORE you have a heart attack or some other trauma due to the stress of living beneath your potential.

If you are an entrepreneur, even a successful one...but something is missing, it's time to pivot...message me, and let's have a 15-minute chat.

I'd love to see if I might be your Pivot Point Person!

Get on a call with me to learn more about what it takes to Unlock Your Divine Potential.