Stop Niching Down And Give In to the Urge to Serve All People

If you ask them, most business owners would love to serve all people with their product or service. It feels uncomfortable and unnatural to “niche down till it hurts.” 


Modern marketing science says if you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one. So what, we all have this almost soul-deep desire to serve all?

If you have followed me for any time, you know I see all things leading back to Christ. So when I asked this question, keeping Christ’s ministry in mind, I discovered an answer that made sense. Keep reading and look into your heart to see if it feels right.


Modern marketing methods, such as sales funnels, only focus on the money and the numbers of people you need to pop out a specific dollar amount at the bottom of the funnel. Hence, the only people who matter (be honest) are the ones who are ready to spend a significant amount of money. The little opt-ins for cheap or free are just a means to an end and don’t matter much unless the person keeps funneling down by buying more expensive items.


I know there is a chance that the other people who don’t opt-in might find another one of your funnels later, but unless they spend some money, ‘other people’ kind of get forgotten.  


We chalk it up to ‘they were not my ideal client,” but what if they were just not ready, or the message didn’t fit their circumstance at that moment? If they don’t opt-in to your sales funnel campaign, there’s a high likelihood that you will never know them unless you have a place for them to keep learning from you while they get prepared for what you could offer them.


Christ taught in parables on the hillside. He spoke, using stories that everyone could relate to. His ideal audience is the whole human race, And He says to them all, and they all have the opportunity to hear Him.


His invitation at the end of every speech was, paraphrased, “If you can hear the message underneath what I’m sharing, please reach out to me on social media for a deeper level of healing.”


So Christ never disqualified anyone; he never niched down. He let His audience disqualify themselves. He traveled from city to city, finding a synagogue, a hillside, or a wealthy man’s table to speak in these simple parables, Always returning the invitation to them to follow Him for something more profound than exciting stories. 


The same person might have sat on His hillside many times before they got it. As soon as they called it, they qualified themselves as worthy to approach Jesus for a higher level of teaching that was not cloaked in parable and, in many cases, for a personal miracle.


I have developed a new way of looking at modern marketing techniques to follow Jesus’ method of opening His hillside to all and offering the invitation to level up when they are ready. I just created a short training video that I’m happy to share with anyone who hears what I am saying and wants to learn more  You know what to do…DM me, and I’ll send you the link.


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