Only Guaranteed Way to Get Your Vision Board to Work

There are so many methods of vision boarding because no one can guarantee that their system works. 


The method I use is not easy to implement and is not for everyone. But, if you can commit to it, I guarantee it is the simplest and most effective method to get your goals completed and off your vision board quickly.


To use this method, you must believe in God.  You must think that He wants your success. Finally, you must believe that you can receive personal revelation from Him.


This goal-setting method can work for you if you are still with me.


The problem with most vision boards is that it is filled with goals that the person chooses. So the only way you can guarantee success is if you let God choose the goal for you.


The goal doesn’t start with the end result in mind, as the popular idea “ begin with the end in mind” teaches. The goal must start from the beginning…the very beginning…before you are born. The goal must begin with your life’s purpose and God’s plan for you.


Who you are on the eternal scale combines your uniqueness as a spiritual being and the spiritual gifts God has blessed you with.  Believe it or not, there is a method that will open the way for God to uncover your gifts and help you see yourself as He does.


When I first wrote out my Life’s Purpose, it read more like a list of hopes and desires for how I might be helpful in the world.  This is a great place to start.  Each month I revisit this statement, I begin by re-reading what I had written the prior month.  As I listen for even one word that might seem out of place, my Life’s Purpose has slowly become a declaration of the power and authority within me as a daughter of God and equal heir to Christ. Nearly all the sentences in my life’s purpose statement begin with ‘I am’ instead of ‘I want’ or ‘I have.’


Step One:  Get Clear on Who You Are

While writing about your Life’s Purpose, you can ask yourself, “Who am I?” And don’t ask your questions of yourself from the perspective of a mortal on earth struggling with earthly problems. Instead, ask if you have been able to transport yourself back, seeing yourself again as a divine being in your pre-earth home with God as your Father, before earthly circumstances discolored your truth.


Your life’s purpose is possible only by receiving Christ to perfect and finish the measure of who you were created to become. Adding to your spiritual intelligence and magnified by the reality of your divine nature.  Boldly declare on your vision board the words that come to your mind as you ponder the question “Who am I?” that would reveal the greatness within you.  Make small (or big) changes each month to those words as you grow and become more of what God intended you to be.  

Step Two:  Compare Your Life’s Purpose with God’s Bigger Plan

God’s bigger plan is an extension of your life’s purpose.  When God created the earth and placed our first parents upon it, He had a plan. That plan is still active, and each of us individually coming together under His direction helps Him to fulfill His intention for His children.  I have a part in His plan, and so do you.  


We each have a desire within us to help our brothers and sisters become their best.  We intuitively feel the pull to return home to God and bring other souls to once again live as one big happy family.  What does that look like to you?  The vision you have of all people being one, all equal in health, wealth, and living a life of significance.  All have fulfilled the measure of their creation, and all things have been restored through Christ.  That is what we all wish for. That ultimately is our vision board goal that would satisfy us.


Remember, you are the only one who will see this, so don’t judge it because you are thinking too big or unrealistically.  If God is giving you this vision of how your life’s purpose fits nicely into His bigger plan to bring His children home, it is possible with Him.  And it’s only possible if you allow yourself to dream it!  Don’t worry about how others might receive your beliefs or your vision for the people of the world.  They are not going to see it.  Your idea of what can be as you partner with God can motivate you to fulfill your mission on earth.


Let God paint the picture of all His children together again with Him.  There is a way that God can use you to help Him fulfill His purpose to bring His children home.  Allow the words to flow from you, and adjust the comments each month as the vision unfolds.  As you allow Him to use you to serve His children, your capacity to be of use in His kingdom on earth will increase.  Your goals will become apparent to you, and God’s plan will be successful simultaneously.


It has been my experience that eventually, if you trust the vision and ideas that come, you will see a strong and clear connection between your goals and God’s will.  They, in effect, become the same.  This is the key to having your will and God’s be one.  When the person you are, and the work God has for you align, living according to God’s will is easy and a joy.  


The question you can ask that will help you uncover your part in God’s bigger plan is, ‘Why am I here?’ 


Step Three:  Allow God to reveal your goal for this week only

  • First…and this is the most challenging part…let God be the navigator.  


If we are the ones to choose our goals, they are typically motivated by physical needs—an amount of money, a home, vacations, etc. However, God’s guidance may or may not put us in a comfortable place.


The children of Israel were led out of slavery to the promised land, but they had to go through a wilderness before they entered that land flowing with milk and honey. 


If you know your biblical history, you will remember that the children of Israel got to the promised land in just a few days. But they were unwilling to claim the land. They feared the giants and returned to the wilderness's comfort and safety. If they had trusted God as the navigator and checked off the goal of ‘Promised Land’ on their vision board when they arrived, they could have avoided the 40-year wandering.  He alone knows the fastest way. Let Him navigate, and you will avoid the struggle.


It is possible to manifest material things by following the law of attraction and other laws of physics. My vision board technique is not to display items that will only give instant gratification. This method of goal setting will produce results that satisfy long-term. When we choose goals that provide physical satisfaction only, the joy doesn’t last. Then we are on a perpetual chase for comfort and false security.


  • Next…only put one goal on your vision board. 


Yes, one goal…not multiple goals.  One goal may or may not have a few tasks associated with it. So there could be some sub-tasks under the plan. But all focus is on one goal.


We think we need career goals and personal goals. When your vision boards with God, He knows what is most vital for you to improve. The goals you set will bring you up to become the person He intended you to be. So your personal life and your professional life will improve as you complete your one-inspired goal.


Trust that one-inspired goal. You will accomplish infinitely more in a year than someone who puts a goal for each of the nine areas of their life. So instead of maybe knocking off 2 of the nine, you will have completed 52…one for each week.


I am sure you know people who made a beautiful vision board two years ago and still are looking at the same vision board today…wishing and hoping for those comfort and security-driven goals to come to fruition.


  • And then…clear off your vision board each week.


What?... After all that work? Do you want me to clear it off and start over?  Yes!


The natural man (complacency, mediocrity, settling) is the enemy of God. Don’t spend much time and energy making your vision board pretty. God doesn’t take years to accomplish something He could do in a day. He will push you because He knows you are capable.  We don’t need as much time to prepare to do something as we think.


You will feel stretched, and in the process, you will see the hand of God opening the way for all things to work together for good for you.  It was never meant that you, all by yourself, utilize the laws of creation for your purpose. God’s whole purpose for creating this earth and placing us upon it was to learn to create with Him, not independent of Him. 


It will be a different experience for you not to build a comfort zone around each new level of success. You cannot so-create with God and be like everyone else. God moves at the speed of inspiration.  If we can discipline ourselves to be obedient to His inspiration, we can get comfortable with and even love to create at HIs rate.


Revisit your Life’s Purpose each week and how it fits in God’s bigger plan.  He will inspire you to bring those two…your purpose and His purpose…together as one.  Lasting and authentic happiness and success are where your meaning and God’s purpose are one. Week by week, you will reach that ultimate goal of true happiness, which the vision board is supposed to provide. 


Step 4: What To Do if You Need More Guidance 

If you need more guidance in this vision board method, check out my course, ‘30 Days to Your Inspired Life.’ It deep dives into the monthly and weekly goal-setting process, plus a proven daily step-by-step method of receiving inspired shortcuts to your best life. 


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