Develop the Skill of

Inspired Co-Creation


Learn how to co-create with God instead of

relying on your own strength to manifest your best life.

It's Easier Than You Think

Get the Edge Over Regular Goal Setting and Manifesting Practices


Discover the formula to always choosing the right goals and eliminating detours by inviting divine guidance into the process. This course shows you how to:

  • Watch your life unfold into a reality that is bigger than you ever imagined
  • Experience exponential growth personally and financially¬†
  • Access¬†the world you have only allowed yourself to dream about¬†
  • Find peace and certainty in inviting God to help you navigate your choices
  • Live the way you have always wished, while thriving in your creative genius
  • Unlock¬†the doors of opportunity that have always been closed to you in the past

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the next 12 weeks, you’ll learn how to finally take the right actions at the right times, and feel confident that you are reaching your highest potential each and every day as you progress toward your most joyful and fulfilling life.


In The Next 12 Weeks, You Could…

  • Get absolute clarity on how God is utilizing your divine genius for good
  • Run at the speed of inspiration to quickly create your happiest and most fulfilling life¬†
  • Take giant leaps forward without fear and with guaranteed success
  • Accomplish a significant goal that in the past would have taken way more time

Inspired Co-Creation Mentoring Program


Are You Ready to Master the Formula for Effortless Inspired Co-Creation?

You know how to set goals and accomplish them with focus and determination. You don't need a mentor for that tried and true method. It works over time and you can look back and see how it all came together incrementally with a focused plan.

But have you ever achieved a goal that seems miraculous because all things came together so quickly and easily that you can't explain it?  That is the difference between figuring out how to make it happen yourself, and letting divine inspiration guide you.

In this 12-week mentoring program, you will learn how to:

  • Choose goals that are guaranteed to be completed because God gave you the vision and is¬†paving the way for you
  • Master the skill of¬†receiving inspiration and never again question yourself or what you want¬†
  • Overcome the fears and obstacles that have caused you to stumble and that have slowed your progress in the past
  • Feel the joy of a¬†goal being completed immediately, knowing that it is only a matter of time before it shows up in your material world

With a simple shift in your mindset and a little bit of practice, you could start living an inspired life of partnership with God that goes well beyond what you have believed is humanly possible for you.

This Mentoring Program Is For You If...

  • You know you have a bigger mission but don‚Äôt¬†feel capable of doing it on your own
  • You are a goal setter but rarely complete your goals in the time you expect
  • Your goals and focus are monetary and only support yourself
  • You aren‚Äôt sure if you were meant for more but you are not satisfied with what is
  • You have tried the normal methods, and they don't seem to work for you

I'm Wylene Benson

Wylene is a bestselling author, coach, and mentor. She is your guide to finding your God-given purpose and experiencing wealth through its expression. Her unique, step-by-step system for achieving life and business alignment was revealed to her by God, and it is the simplest and most efficient shortcut for Christian entrepreneurs.

Wylene's first significant goal was to co-create a healed heart after doctors had told her she would never regain full function. She has achieved seemingly impossible goals in the areas of health, finances, relationships and personal growth. She attributes all her success to her partnership with God.  

Here's What's Included...


12 Weeks to Achieving a Significant Goal

Your partnership with God is the basis of your fulfillment in life. Learn actionable steps you can take to consistently partner with God each day to achieve the goals that will absolutely make the most difference in your happiness this week, this month, this year. Best of all, you get to own the skill and continue creating this way for the rest of your life:

  • Get insights into methods and mastery uncovered over a decade of daily communing with God to multiply your life
  • Level up on weekly Q&A calls with Wylene and the Inspired Co-Creator Community. On the calls Wylene will mentor individuals live 1:1, while in a group setting.¬† This is the most powerful form of internalizing information for everyone.¬†
  • Learn with 12 online lessons¬†that take you step by step as you ask God to reveal a significant goal that will set you up for your most peaceful and prosperous year ever.
  • Access goal setting techniques unpublished anywhere else that guarantee success beyond earthly calculation
  • Discover the hidden formulas that help you see and stay focused on your path and motivated to keep moving forward

The online course with weekly lessons is designed to be completed in 12 weeks, but you can take as much time as you need. You have lifetime access so you can return to the course anytime to remind yourself of key insights and teachings whenever you need them.  Because you will want to repeat the process over and over every time you are inspired to create something new, for a life of exponential increase.


Spiral Bound 400 Page Planner to Easily Guide you through Wylene Benson’s Daily GPS with Weekly and Monthly goal setting and meditation exercises only available in the 30-day Planner.

When you partner with God, the first step is to move in the direction of His will for you each and every day. With this planner, you’ll get to:

  • Consolidate all your meditation, vision boarding and goal setting tools into one divinely inspired planner
  • Rely on this one tool to bring your heart, mind and body together to boldly take your daily action steps with integrity of spirit
  • Allow inspiration to flow through you without having your busy brain distract you, as the planner leads you through each of the steps
  • Get your physical spiral bound planner shipped to you immediately upon registering for Inspired Co-Creation

If you're anything like me, you’ll enjoy writing in this planner each day. You'll have the same peace I do, of knowing exactly what you need to do to continue on your path and complete your inspired goal.


Personal Prayer Pillow

The secret to a fulfilling and fruitful prayer life is to give yourself space to pray. That's why I'm sending you your very own hand-made prayer pillow. No two are alike!

This prayer pillow gives you the chance to:

  • Feel a physical connection with me through a physical gift. I intuitively hand-select the fabric and trim for you.
  • Use your prayer pillow only during your Daily GPS as a signal to you, your family and God of the sacredness and gratitude you feel as an important step in¬†each Daily GPS session.
  • The prayer pillow can be a special reminder that you are literally approaching God in gratitude and as a student for Him to unveil His mysteries to you.¬† It is a dedicated space to ask and receive direct revelation. Sort of like taking off your shoes to stand on holy ground.

Your Prayer Pillow is shipped to your door, with instructions of how to make more if you choose to share my Daily GPS process with family and friends.


Enriching Bonus

For me, the ultimate goal is to create a sustainable lifestyle of flow in God's will. When you are achieving goals that fit inside God's plan, you glorify Him with every achievement. Then you are filled with His power, His authority, and His fullness of joy in your co-creation. My goal is to guide you in reaching that level of partnership with Him.  This additional bonus of personal access with me 24/7 can help you accomplish more, faster, because you are not alone:

  • DAILY TEXTS TO STAY MOTIVATED:¬† I have found that when starting a new daily habit that sometimes we fall short after a few attempts and get frustrated with ourselves.¬† To help you stay motivated and consistent, I will send you a short daily text with inspiration and tips to help you be successful!
  • ACCESS TO WYLENE 24/7:¬† Your success is very important to me. Text me anytime at the number you receive your support texts from. I personally will answer at the earliest possible convenience!

You’ll finish this course with simple yet powerful habits of partnering with God,  you'll get ongoing support as you continue through the 12 weeks.  And access to Wylene through text any time, day or night!

Listen to What Inspired Co-Creation Students Are Saying

"This is something I could do. And it felt like the most important thing that I could do. What God gave me to do was very valuable to me and obviously valuable to Him. It made me realize even in the not doing, how valuable I am to the world."  -Laura Howell


Dare to Dream Again and Even Develop a Miracle Mentality

"Every time I come across something I want, I grab a snapshot of it, put it on my vision board and make it part of what I am looking forward to, or build or have. It's nice to have that ability to take it to the Lord and work with Him on that."  -Eric Baird

Inspired Co-Creation Coupled with Daily GPS Gives You a Bird's Eye View of Where God is Leading You

"I love what the GPS process does for my day. I decided to be all in and do it exactly as it's outlined. It gave me the opportunity to do something different and really expand myself."  -Trisha Dixon


Have a Goal and an Intention to Become All You Can Be

"I am grateful I have my goals to bring me back to becoming all I can be, but I am also having people bring me back. I think the Lord knows where I am and is guiding me to become all that He knows I can be."  -Michael Laberdee


Inspired Co-Creation Mentoring

12-Week Inspired Co-Creation Mentoring with Lifetime Access to Online Lessons and Group Calls


One time fee

This bundle, with 12 ONLINE LESSONS, weekly MENTORING with Wylene, the spiral bound 30-DAY PLANNER, the PRAYER PILLOW, the LIMITLESS BOOK, and TEXT SUPPORT is all you need to CREATE YOUR MOST INSPIRING LIFE YET!

"Wylene - your weekly mentor calls were amazing!! Thank you for helping us all level up and create success. I built a float to advertise my new novel The Lost Mermaid and your process on changing limiting beliefs into liberating truths helped me over so many hurdles. We built the float in a week and it hadn’t been all put together until the day of the parade. It was quite an adventure!"

-Krystal Meldrum

"When I first started in real estate, I was lost as to how to structure my business and move forward. That is when I met Wylene. It quickly became apparent that she was an answer to my prayers. Her focus on using God in all aspects of your life rang true. She taught me how to tap into our divine powers and become one with God. My business propelled forward at lightning speeds, once I was in tune with my divine purpose." 

-Cheri Salazar

"I was struggling and fighting trying to do things the worldly way… when I switched to internal and co-piloting with God things started to really move forward and became so much easier
This is fantastic and so true."

-Wade Baldwin


One Time Fee for Inspired Co-Creation Mentoring


Still Not Sure?

Try the 30-Day Daily GPS Mastery Course with Spiral Bound Planner and Prayer Pillow. Includes BONUS Text Support for 30 Days

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